Top 10 Professional Qualities of Interest to Employers

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Each position offered has its particularities and demands certain qualities from the candidates. However, it is common for organizations to have a series of values that they want all their staff to possess, and even though they are different companies, the attributes usually coincide.


The position may not be managerial, but it is always good to know that the candidate can handle a team and the responsibilities that come with it. They should be motivated, confident individuals. They must be able to incorporate the company's vision and goals, as well as inspire and motivate colleagues. Initiative is fundamental in a leader, as they must be able to work independently from the instructions given to them. Here, at meowessay, we always look at this characteristic. 


People who think positively influence others and succeed in motivating them. Friendly behavior and solidarity towards other team members are also valued.


Sometimes companies alter their modus operandi and require people who can easily adapt to it. Schedule changes or task redistribution also often occur and those who accept them and respond well are appreciated.


Being able to join a team and perform well, encouraging solidarity and good treatment is fundamental for employers. Working together for a common purpose is an attribute that not everyone has, especially because of the competitiveness that is generated among colleagues. It is a good aptitude to stand out in the CV.


Having workers you can trust is critical for the bosses. People who will tell the truth and do the right thing even when it may not be beneficial to them is a highly valued quality.

Commitment to tasks, punctuality and attitude towards work all demonstrate how dedicated a worker is. If these qualities do not appear, it is likely that the worker is dissatisfied with the job and intends to leave the company. Being interested in tasks is generally related to the desire to learn and this attribute is fundamental to being a better professional. Those who wish to learn usually enjoy their work and are the ones who promote themselves quickly and without making too much effort.

Dedicated people invest time in researching, analyzing problems and seeking solutions. This involves creativity and is appreciated by managers.


Having confidence in oneself, without falling into arrogance, usually affects productivity. Those who are self-confident reflect this in their actions and the decisions they make. This must necessarily come out of one, no one will trust you if you don't do it first.

Work ethic and integrity

Many times tasks pose challenges beyond the call of duty and not everyone is willing to face them.


Being able to express oneself naturally on an oral and written level is very important for employers. The power to inspire and motivate is part of being a good speaker and putting ideas into words. At the same time, being able to listen, follow directions and be able to convey them is also vital for employers. These qualities translate into cover letters, resume writing and interviewing.


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